Summer's Limited Edition Brow and Lip Balm
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The s'more. 

PREORDER: The simplicity of a roasted marshmallow, that evolved into the art of delicious, creative genius. This summertime staple rekindles a joy of sweet, sun-kissed days, sandwiched in between the perfect coolness of starry nights by a fire. Established in 1927 by some genius girl scouts. Perfected in 2017 by the browpixie® of browtopia to tame, nourish and protect your brows. ®.


Recommended for brows that love bonfires, beauty, and sweet summers.


1. Lightly and lovingly, brush brows in the direction of their natural arch. 

2. Apply balm in the same manner evenly. If your lips need love, apply as needed.  

3. Eat a s'more, then dare to raise your bonfire brow. In the way summer was meant to be celebrated. Fabulous and fiery.


*marshmallow s'more included with purchase

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Summer's Limited Edition Brow and Lip Balm

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